Group Tennis Lessons for Adults

55-minute lessons for groups of 4 to 8 people, organized on the basis of age and tennis skills,
with the help of a professional tennis coach, even from a complete beginner level – for which
we also provide a tennis racket if necessary. The training takes place in the winter season in
the indoor hall of the Tenniscenter on brand new hard courts.
– Age group: from 16 years old
– Purpose: the dynamic and enjoyable match game, which is suitable for both recreational and
amateur competitive purposes
– Equipment: age-appropriate size and weight racket, traditional hard ball, large court,
standard size net

The date of the group lessons:
Beginner level: Monday 11 am-12 am, Wednesday 11 am-12 am
Intermediate/Advanced level: Monday 7 pm-8 pm, Friday 7 pm-8 pm

If you want to participate in group lesson, we can help you in the registration and give more
information, if you call us: +36 30 998 6969 or write us:

The Price of the group tennis lessons (2 semester):
1.Semester (7.10.2024. – 22.12.2024.) – 11 week
One lesson/week: 77.000.- HUF
Two lesson/week: 137.500.- HUF

2.Semester (06.01.2025. – 06.04.2025.) – 12 week
One lesson/week: 84.000.- HUF
Two lesson/week: 150.000.- HUF

You can pay the group lesson’s fee in the following ways:
– With cash or bank card in person at the reception of the Tenniscenter
– By bank transfer with invoice to the bank account of the Tenniscenter. If you would like to
pay by bank transfer, please contact us: +36 30 1177 082 or
– In case of absence, we are unable to change the group lesson’s fee or refund the paid
amount. You have the option to indicate your request for a VAT invoice before making he

Private Tennis Lessons menüpont
If you want to take part in the Program of the Szépvölgyi Tennis Academy, you can choose
private tennis lessons also.
55 minute, individualized tennis lessons with the help of a professionak tennis coach, from the
age of 6, even from the complete beginner level – for which we also provide a tennis racket if
The lesson fee is 9900.- HUF.
You can pay the lesson fee directly to the tennis coach; and the court fee at the reception of
the tenniscenter with cash or bank card.
You can get more information about the currenct court fee by clicking on the following link:
Prices – Szépvölgyi Teniszcentrum (
Our indoor hard courts are available all year round, and our outdoor clay courts are available
in the summer season. We offer season passes for the winter season and the summer season
with 15 % discount.
If you would like to take a private lesson, we can help you in court reservation and organizing
the lesson, if you contact us: +36 60 998 6969 or

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