Terms and Conditions

1. Court rental

1.1 Ways of renting a court

The court rental can apply to two courts with separate pricing: our outdoor courts in the summer season and our carpeted indoor courts open all year round.

At the Szépvölgyi Tennis Center, you can rent a court in the following ways:

1.1.a. By occasional booking

It is possible by phone at 06-30 / 998-6969.

It is for a period of one or more hours, depending on the free courts at any time. The court fee is payable on site.

1.1.b. By purchasing a 10 hours ticket

It is for a chosen time, once a week, for an hour, for 10 consecutive weeks; of which several can be exchanged on demand.

The 10 suitable passes include an 8% discount on the occasional track price in the summer season and a 10% discount in the winter season.

1.1.c. By purchasing a season ticket

It can be redeemed separately for the summer season (23 weeks) and the winter season (29 weeks). The season ticket is for a chosen time, once a week, for an hour; which can be changed on demand.

The season ticket includes a 10% discount on the occasional track price in the summer season and a 15% discount in the winter season.

During the summer season, we provide our guests with a seasonal pass to the clay courts for the opportunity to play regardless of the weather: they can use our indoor courts in case of rain. (The difference in the price is 1900 HUF / hour)

The court prices of the occasional booking, the 10 suitable passes and the season pass can be viewed in detail under the Prices menu.

1.2. Duration of court rental

On our outdoor courts, one hour court rental consists of 55 minutes of playing time and 5 minutes of court cleaning. After the 55 minutes of playing time, please use the tools in the corner of the court to brush the clay; and after the court maintenance, the court will be left no later than 60 minutes from the start of the court rental, so that the next player can use it in time.

1.3 Court rental in case of rain

It is also possible to play in the Szépvölgyi Tennis Center under the following conditions:

In the case of season tickets for outdoor courts, we provide the opportunity to play indoors in case of bad weather, for a HUF 1,900 track difference.

In case of bad weather, we can provide the possibility to use the indoor courts for our guests with a 10 hours ticket for clay courts. In this case, the usage fee for the indoor court will be deducted from the amount paid for the rental.

In case of bad weather, we can provide our guests with occasional reservations with the opportunity to play indoors, subject to the payment of the usage fee for the indoor court.

2. Cancellation of court rental

At our tennis center, you can cancel your reservation free of charge 24 hours before the booked time. If canceled within 24 hours, we will charge 100% of the court rental fee. In the case of those with 10 suitable passes and seasonal passes, the given occasion is considered to be used from the pass, ie. it cannot be replaced.

3. Use of court equipment

Equipment on the court – balls, ball tubes, cones, etc. – are owned by the Szépvölgyi Tennis Center. If you do not participate in tennis training with tennis coaches contracted with Szépvölgyi Tennis Center, we ask you not to use the mentioned equipment!

4. Court rental for coaches

For tennis coaches who do not have a contract with the Szépvölgyi Tennis Center,
we can provide a court depending on free times on weekdays between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., on weekends on weekends we can provide a course depending on free times.

5. Services

5.1. Private lessons 

The Szépvölgyi Tennis Center currently provides the opportunity to acquire the right tennis skills in private lessons in cooperation with three tennis coaches. The fee for the service is HUF 7,900 / hour; which is payable to the tennis coach.

For those interested, we provide information by phone at 06-30 / 998-6969.

5.2. Tennisracket rental

The Szépvölgyi Tennis Center provides an opportunity for both adults and children to rent a tennis racket for 500 HUF / racket / occasion. Please indicate this at the reception of the tennis center.

5.3. Tennisracket stringing

We provide an opportunity to string tennis rackets for a fee of HUF 4,900 / racket. Please indicate this at the reception of the tennis center.

5.4. Tennis shop

The tennis shop offers all the equipment you need to play tennis. Our inventory is constantly being updated; our products can only be purchased locally. If required, we also procure goods in person. Please indicate this at the reception of the tennis center.

5.5. Organising events

The Szépvölgyi Tennis Center provides the opportunity to organize corporate events, filming and birthday parties, and provides active assistance in organizing them. If you have any requests for pricing, please contact us by e-mail at tenisz@szepvolgyi.hu or at 06-30 / 1177-082.

5.6. Group sessions for children

We provide more opportunities for children to learn tennis. Private lessons throughout the year, summer camps during the school holidays, children’s courses during the school year. For more information, please contact us by email at info@szepvolgyi.hu or by phone at 06-30 / 998-6969.



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